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Inspiring Design Ideas

Here are some of the most common house extension ideas that could be included in your house extension project. Don't forget to take a look at our article on estimated project costs to give a rough idea of the costs for some of the most common house extension projects.


House Extension Costs

The cost of a house extension can very massively. There are so many variables to consider. To provide a very rough guide, we have put together some example costs of various house extension projects.


Glazed Gable End

Glazed gable ends are a great way to increase natural light into a room by maximising the amount of glazing. They can add an attractive feature to your extension. This article explores some of the things to consider when including a glazed gable in your design.


Loft Conversion

Converting your existing loft space can be the most cost-effective way to create an extra room, or even an extra storey, in your house. This article covers some of the options for roof types, stairs, and roof lights.


Open Plan Layouts

Open plan layouts, usually for combining Kitchen, Dining and Living areas, create more usable and family friendly spaces. This article covers some of the things to consider when designing an open plan area.


Single/Double Storey Extension

When planning a house extension, one thing to consider is to go for a single storey extension, or a two storey extension. This article covers single storey versus two storey extension options.


Bi-fold Doors

Large bi-fold doors provide light and can be used to create a connection between indoors and outdoors. Read this article to discover some of the options available when choosing bi-fold doors and estimated costs.


Roof Type Options

Choosing the right roof design for your extension can sometimes be a difficult decision, there's lots of options. We have put together a basic guide for some of the options available.


Adding a Porch

Adding a porch can dramatically change the appearance of your house. This article looks at open timber frame and enclosed porch options.


Adding Natural Light

Increasing the amount of natural daylight can make a room feel brighter, bigger and more welcoming. This article explores some of the ways you can increase the amount of natural daylight in rooms that don't have a window.