Planning permission advice for building your own home

Considering a new build home project? We can provide the planning permission advice you need to get started...

If you are considering a new build home project, CR Design Services can provide the planning permission advice you need to get started. Read on to find out more…

Why build your own home?

There are many financial and creative advantages to self-build projects. When managed effectively, the costs of construction can often be significantly lower than the final market value of the property, making it a very cost-effective method of creating your ideal home.

What’s more, building your home from scratch allows you to customize the design to make your home sustainable and energy efficient. For example, you can include features that would be expensive or even impossible to retrofit into existing homes, such as underfloor heating, solar panels and smart home systems.

Get started with the right planning permission advice

Like with many building projects, you will need planning permission before you can start construction.

CR Design Services provide new build architectural drawing packages covering everything you need to get your project off the ground.

We will perform a full check of your new build project against local and national planning permission advice and rules to determine the type of planning applications required.

About land acquisition

Finding your plot of land is one of the first and most crucial decisions to make for your project, as the choice of land will impact the design of your home.

CR Design Services do not provide a land acquisition service, however you can find out more about acquiring land on Designing Buildings: the construction wiki.

New build planning permission

There are two levels of planning permission available for new build projects:  

Outline planning permission (OPP)

This type of planning permission is obtained by submitting a plan outlining the type of development that will be built on the plot.

Specific construction plans will not yet be agreed, so when you obtain outlining planning permission for a plot you will have to submit a detailed plan for approval before building work can begin (see below).

Outline planning permission is valid for three years, after which you will need to resubmit a planning application.

When buying your plot of land, it is possible that the site may already have OPP for a particular development. CR Design Services would be able to obtain this information for you, or you could check yourself here:

Detailed planning permission (DPP)

Applications for detailed or full planning permission will require a full construction proposal for a specific build, such as a two-bedroom bungalow or four-bedroom house.

The details of the proposal will need to be approved and if your designs don’t match this planning permission, you may need to submit further construction plans for approval.

Planning drawings

After obtaining the correct planning permission advice, CR Design Services will prepare the planning drawings required for both OPP and DPP applications.

Our expert designers, architects and engineers will work with you to develop your ideas for your new build home.

We will ensure your designs are based on your requirements, budget and the type of development permitted on your land.

What’s more, we will make sure your building is compliant with planning permission advice and building regulations.

Applying for planning permission

We will have your application ready within 2-3 weeks.

As part of our service, we will submit it to the council on your behalf and act as your agent throughout the process.

Next steps

Once full planning permission is granted, your building project can move to the next stage.

CR Design Services can provide building control drawings and technical specifications, and prepare your application for building control approval – find out more about our building control & construction specification packages.

Turn your new build home dreams into reality – get in touch today for planning permission advice and discuss our design packages

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