Planning permission for barn conversions – a guide

Full planning permission for barn conversions is required if a barn is not eligible for Class Q permitted development rights...Read on to find out more…

Full planning permission is needed for barn conversions where the barn does not meet the requirements set out in Class Q permitted development rights. Read on to find out more…

Class Q barn conversions

Most barn conversion projects fall within Class Q permitted development rights, which allow certain projects ‘prior approval’ to go through without the need for full planning permission. In the case of barn conversions, this means converting agricultural buildings into residential homes.

Class Q permitted development rights were introduced to speed up the planning process and get new homes into the system at a much quicker rate than the traditional planning process.

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Why full planning permission might be required

There are circumstances when your barn cannot be converted under Class Q of permitted development rights.

You will require planning permission if your barn is located on any of the following:

•            area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB)

•            conservation area

•            national park

•            site of special scientific interest (SSSI)

•            the Broads

•            World Heritage Site.

Furthermore, if your barn is listed by Historic England you will not be able to convert it under Class Q permitted development rights and will need to apply for both full planning permission and listed building consent.

Applying for planning permission for barn conversions

Whereas permitted development consists of rules that you must adhere to gain approval, planning permission is a much more subjective decision made by the council, with the taste of the officers or planning committee becoming a factor.

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Therefore, when applying for planning permission you must build up your case, showing the council why they should award you with planning permission for your project.

To increase your chances, your design must demonstrate that your converted barn will: 

  • be in keeping with its original surroundings
  • maintain the character of the original building
  • respect protected wildlife species and their habitats.

Planning permission packages from CR Design Services

With our comprehensive barn conversion concept design and planning packages, we will prepare everything you need for your application.

Preparing your application

As part of CR Design Services’ concept design and planning package, we will refer to both Class Q and local planning rules to pull together a strong case for your application to the council.

We will also provide an in-house planning consultant to ensure the best possible chance of planning success.

If a full planning application is required, we can prepare your application, including all drawings that are needed.

Your barn conversion design

Our experienced designers will then prepare the architectural drawings required, including:

  • Floor plans
  • Elevations
  • Natural light assessment
  • Door, window and wall dimensions
  • Proposed use of each room

Using our decades of experience in architectural design, we will suggest the most suitable options for your project based on your requirements and budget. 

Submitting to the council

As part of our service, we will then formally submit the application to your local council on your behalf.

For no extra charge, we will act as the agent for the duration of the application, and deal with the council on your behalf.

If you are planning barn conversion project, get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation.

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