4 garage conversion ideas to optimise unused space

Unlock the potential of your garage with a conversion project...

A garage conversion is a fantastic way to get the most use out of an often-overlooked area of your home. Here are four ways CR Design Services can help unlock your garage’s potential:

A snug

If you need a separate space to hang out and relax, a garage conversion could be the answer. CR Design Services will work with you to ensure you get the most from the space.

Create a perfect cosy living space

A typical garage may feel somewhat long and narrow inside. To give you the cosy living space you want it may be worth considering dividing the space into two. By incorporating a stud or block wall into your designs, you could create one larger space for the snug whilst the smaller space could be converted into a cloakroom or utility room.

Seamless integration with your home

As with all garage conversion projects, we will ensure your new room is a cohesive part of your home. This will include identifying the ideal position for the interior door as this may not be where it was originally.

What’s more, if your garage floor level is lower than the rest of your home, the floor may need to be raised to ensure a seamless flow into your new room.

Warm and dry all year round

As part of our architectural planning service, CR Design Service will design your garage conversion following building regulations. This will include appropriate insulation and heating so that your once cold and drafty garage is comfortable year-round.

Utility room

A utility room is a fantastic way to declutter your kitchen by creating a separate space for laundry facilities, cleaning supplies, and other storage.

A garage that adjoins a kitchen or hallway can easily be repurposed into a utility room, and CR Design Services can design the space to meet your particular needs.

Two rooms instead of one

If you have a large garage this could be divided into two spaces with one half for the utility and the other half left for your car. Alternatively, split the room to create half utility, half playroom.

Keeping your utility room warm and dry

We will consider building regulations, including proper ventilation and waterproofing measures. Underfloor heating may also be useful for keeping your utility room warm and dry.


Need more storage? Efficient conversion of your garage can alleviate overcrowding in living areas and internal cupboards. CR Design Services will optimise the space by maximising vertical storage solutions and organizational systems.

Storage for seasonal items

Utilising wall-mounted shelves, overhead racks, and built-in cabinets, a converted garage will provide ample storage for seasonal items, sports equipment, tools, and other belongings.

Customisable solutions

By incorporating customisable storage solutions tailored to your specific needs, such as bike racks or gardening stations, you can ensure your new room remains organised and clutter-free.

Home office

With working from home more prevalent than ever, your garage can provide a workspace in your home if an extension or garden office isn’t possible.

Separate yet still part of the home

One of the many benefits of a home office garage conversion is that it is sited away from the distractions of your main living space, whilst still placing you within the home. The positioning of the internal door will be key to achieving this, so CR Designs will help identify where your office should connect to your home.

Maximising natural light

Perhaps the biggest challenge of a home office garage conversion project is ensuring it has enough natural light, which is often scarce garages. CR Design Services will maximise natural light by incorporating windows into your designs and skylights may also be considered.

Compliance with building regulations

Building regulations for garage conversions will require your home office project to meet thermal regulations to ensure it is a comfortable living environment, so your plans will include insulated plasterboard (including damp proof course), roof insulation or floor insulation.

The perfect home office garage conversion for you

To ensure your garage becomes a comfortable and functional office environment, your designs will incorporate appropriate heating, soundproofing, electrical outlets and storage. The experienced architectural team at CR Design Services will work with you to identify the perfect solutions.

Garage conversion designs by CR Design Services

With decades’ worth of experience and industry knowledge, CR Design Services has the skills to make your garage conversion ideas a reality.  

Concept design and planning

We will work with you from the initial stages of the project, suggesting the most suitable options based on your requirements, budget and the survey information from your garage.

Whilst your garage conversion project will likely fall under permitted development, we will prepare planning drawings within 2-3 weeks. We will then submit the planning application on your behalf, acting as your agent with the council for the duration of the project.

Find out more about our garage conversion concept design and planning packages.

Building regulations

Our fully-qualified garage conversion team will prepare construction details and technical drawings for building regulation application within 2-3 weeks.

Like the planning application, we will submit your application and will deal with the council on your behalf.

Find out more about our garage conversion building regulation packages.

Make use of unused space with a garage conversion from CR Design Services

However you wish to convert your garage, we will work with you to unlock its potential, increasing your living space and adding value to your home.

We will provide expertise at every stage of your garage conversion project, from the initial idea through to project completion.

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