Adding natural light to your home

Maybe you don't have enough windows in your house, but fear not - there are lots of alternative ways of increasing natural light to brighten up your home.

Building regulations must be followed for house extensions, such as adding a roof lantern to increase natural light

Is your home lacking in natural light? Maybe you don’t have enough windows or the space required to add them. We can help design your home to make use of the available light in so many ways. Here is our pick on some of the most popular methods for increasing natural light in your home. Which you opt for will depend upon your type of property, budget and design preferences:

Clerestory windows

These come in at a high level so offer plenty of privacy. If neighbours are worried about being overlooked, the installation of these windows can help overcome problems that you might come across when it comes to obtaining planning permission.

Structural glazing

If your new home or extension is going to be modern, then including structural glazing within the design can bring masses of light into what would have been a dull and dark room. Options include glass ceilings, corner wrap-around glazing and even full height walls of glass. As well as increasing natural light, you can make the most of the views.

Glazed gables

If you want to add light from above, how about filling the space within the gable with glass? Not only looking good and creating an excellent focal point, this can look great in any type of building, both contemporary and more traditional. We may choose to combine it with timber in the form of oak frames or timber-clad ceilings. This makes the glazed area look much softer and subtle.

Glass floors/ceilings

Reinforced glass flooring not only creates a talking point but can be used to bring light into rooms below. Rather than replace the whole floor with glass, use for smaller areas such as corridors or panels within larger spaces. Not only suitable for new builds, if you are renovating, this can also provide a wonderful finishing touch.


Glazed atriums add drama to your entry area, whether a new build or renovation. Originally used by the Romans as an open-air concept, glass is now added in order to flood the area with natural light. When designed carefully, a fully glazed atrium can add the ‘wow’ factor to your home.

Roof lanterns

These can be used to fill space with natural light and add a touch of glitz to your interior. Designers often add them to sunrooms or kitchens, with conservation roof lanterns available if you are in a restricted area and need to blend in with an older existing building.


Always a popular addition, consider placing these above staircases, in a dining room or in the middle of a large open-plan kitchen. Believe it or not, roof lights bring in twice the amount of light when compared to a normal window. Perfect in rooms where windows cannot be added or you don’t want to cut into wall space.

Glazed link

If you are linking an existing space to a new extension then using glass within the brickwork can look incredible. It will bring plenty of light into the corridor link and can be designed to merge in with the existing property.

Sun pipe

A sun pipe literally does what it says in that it pipes sun into the room. Sun pipes (tunnels) can bring light into the darkest and most awkward of spaces where rooflights and windows just aren’t practical. Think basements or rooms within the centre of the home without areas for windows.

Internal glazing

You don’t have to have windows only on the exterior! What about adding glazing inside, not only as a design feature but in order to borrow light from other rooms? Fitting windows internally captures light and can even act as an aid to share those delightful views.


If you have a basement, how should you bring natural light into the space? Lightwells solve the problem by making use of a sunken courtyard space or external staircase; the lightwell is fitted below to ensure the introduction of plenty of natural light.


These were fitted as standard in many Victorian homes, being a glazed panel above external and even internal doors. Great for increasing natural light in dark rooms or hallways, and privacy is not compromised at all.

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