Single storey vs two-storey extension

You need more space in your home, but which should you go for, a single storey or two-storey extension?

There comes a time in every household when more space is needed. Maybe you have now reached this stage and are looking to extend your house. The question is, what type of extension should you go for: single-storey or two-storey?

The average cost of a single-storey extension in London and the South East of England is around £1800 – £2400 per m². In the rest of the UK, prices are closer to £1400 – £2000 per m². You can find out more in our article on average extension costs in the UK.

As a general rule adding a second-storey on top of the ground-floor extension costs an extra 50% of the single storey extension. So, depending upon your requirements, it may be more cost effective to opt for a two-storey extension.

Not only cost but many other factors need to be considered. Let’s take a look at both in order to help you choose.

Benefits of a two-storey extension

A two-storey extension can be added to any part of your house but neighbours will need to be considered. After all, neither you nor they want your upper-storey overlooking them directly. When you apply for planning permission, this will be considered so it is best to tackle it in advance by discussing with your neighbours.

An extension of any type will add value to your home so remember this when discussing building costs. This is a big investment but one which should reap benefits when designed correctly.

You will be able to add extra space on the ground and first floor, adding a bedroom or bathroom upstairs and kitchen/diner/study/lounge downstairs.

Take the time to consider the space you have at the moment and look at how you might re-allocate it. For example, your current dining area may become the kitchen and the new ground-floor space a fantastic new open plan dining room leading off it. Working with a designer is essential at this stage as they can best decide how your new extension should be utilised.

Benefits of a single-storey extension

If you decide to go down the single-storey route, this can be built as an addition onto your home. It will consist of additional ground floor space only.

Of course, it will cost less than the two-storey, but you will not have as much room.

 The area that you do have could be used for a variety of different uses such as bedroom, lounge, dining room, new kitchen, study, gym or playroom. Always discuss the choices with your designer as they will ensure that you get the most out of your money spent.

The build will be far simpler so as well as it costing less, you will not have to invest as much time into the construction process.

But which should you opt for? Single-storey extension or double-storey extension?

Much will depend upon your budget, location of your home within its grounds, closeness to neighbouring properties and your personal preferences. Whichever one you go for, it is going to have a massively positive effect upon your lifestyle so don’t rush the process. Talk with your designer and make the final decision a well-planned one.

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