Bi-fold doors and sliding doors

Adding sliding or bi-fold doors to your home can transform your space, adding light and creating a greater connection between your home and garden.

If you are looking to add a bright and airy feel to your home, bi-fold and sliding doors do this in a great way, helping to bring the outdoors inside.

Bring the outside in

Consider using a wall of bi-fold doors to create a connection between your home and garden. One way of doing this is to have a large kitchen diner extension complete with bi-fold doors leading to the patio or decked area. No matter the time of year, you can overlook the vista of your garden without having to step outside. Even when it’s cold outside or pouring with rain, you can dine in style whilst enjoying the wonderful views.

Costs of bi-fold doors

You don’t even have to be a millionaire to accomplish this look! Prices vary according to the style, materials and size that you choose. On average, the cost of including bi-fold doors in your house extension/renovation project is approximately £1,200 per linear metre.

Examples of ways to use bi-fold or sliding doors

Whether you are thinking of extending or renovating your home, adding bi-fold and sliding doors to your house will be a well-used and welcome addition. And this type of door doesn’t only have to be used to face the garden of your property.

Orangery or conservatory – If you have an orangery or conservatory, how about linking the rest of the interior via the use of sliding or bi-fold doors? Because they add such a feeling of space, they can make the smallest of areas appear roomy.

Maximise space – If your plan is to maximise available space whilst creating a fluid connection between different rooms or between indoors and outdoors, the bi-fold and sliding doors tick every box. For interior flow-through, use the same type of flooring between rooms and complete the unifying effect.

Keep rooms cool – If your property is south facing and you are continually battling the effect of the sun, then a special type of glass can be fitted that will keep rooms cool.

Lighten up dark spaces – Dark rooms also benefit immensely. If you have an area in the home, such as a kitchen that battles for light, fitting bi-fold doors will definitely maximise the space as well as enhancing the effect of the sunlight. White or ivory coloured frames ensure that the light and airy look carries through.

Improve long narrow rooms – If you have a long narrow room facing the garden, consider installing a row of bi-fold or sliding doors all along the length. Not only does this look contemporary and stylish but the interior space will feel illuminated and airy. Not only great for kitchens but also home gyms, yoga rooms or even kiddies’ play rooms. To keep up the style, don’t go for fancy doors but something plain and simple that will add to the design rather than detract.

Enhance balconies/terraces – Believe it or not, balconies and terraces off bedrooms can also be given a wonderful makeover by including the light-enhancing properties of bi-folding doors. In the summer you can even sleep with them open, making your bedroom literally a room under the stars.

With so many options available, the only decision you have to make is where best to place your beautiful new doors.

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